• Plot Twist: 1D perform Torn tonight.



Louis with fans at the Olympics yesterday.

look how sassy he’s being. he’s so gucci


Josh and Joey’s 21st.

Liam shirtless on Twitcam

I wanna play a question game with my followers…

ask me ANY question and if I don’t answer if I’ll give you a shoutout….




one direction rehearsing for the closing ceremony 


Niall at Josh’s party


“got your nose!” 

  • Liam: Can I have a tall, wait, no let me just get a water so you don't have to go through all the trouble of making that complicated beverage. Here you look like a nice guy, let me tip you my years salary.
  • Louis: Yeah I'd like a grande, non fat, no soy, triple shot expresso, minus the expresso, and whipped cream on top and a portion on the side, and it better be perfect in less than five seconds or my people will contact your people. Tip? hah, my presence is your tip.
  • Niall: Eh there ya cunt, I'd like the whole front window a' pastries ta go. Do you serve chicken?
  • Server (to Zayn): May I take your order sir?
  • Zayn: If one does not order, then what or how does one receive in this thing we call life.
  • Harry: Erhm, uh, yeah, I'd...uhm..have a...uhm..erhm..uhhh...hmm...well...erhmm..yeah..ummm..coffee?